Monday, October 17, 2016

These Anthropological Synapses

My latest poem....

"These Anthropological Synapses"

Critical brain failure
a desire unquenchable
while repressed memory is unleashed

..yet the longing remains.

What I perceive as love is a damaged brain
coping with a memory of you
brilliant and formidable, beautiful and bold
burned into my existence with a searing fire

And I open myself to it
knowing it is material... mechanical
like the whirring of machines
chained in place as the sweatshop worker

Freedom would be a relief
an intensity mirrored by your own
lost are the stories, the teargas
the sensation of dark eyes and penetrating intelligence

Incidents, moments, milliseconds
interpreted through an algorithm
digesting culture, music, and danger

... the reality of struggle.

I can live in this heightened state
feeding off your memory
the silver spoon wrapped in dressings of poverty and contradiction
boundaries.... but walls too.

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