Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Battle Brothers: Day 1

I got this game because it was 50% on steam and a gritty medieval fantasy strategy game about a mercenary company... so pretty ideal.  And without further ado!!!!!!

.....After barely surviving an ambush where my captain and the rest of the company were slaughtered, the 4 veterans loped into a nearby town to tend to their wounds.  Renaming the company "The Red and the Black" (with our flag depicting a monarch holding his own bloody head), they demanded revenge and set about recruiting four farmers for the task.  These including a miner, the only survivor of a mine accident and armed with a pick ax, a farmer with a long pitchfork, a miller (who was cut down in his first engagement), and a man whose lover was murdered by bandits.

After capturing and torturing to death a member of the outlaws, the Red and the Black caught up to their former foes.  Suffering a bad sword wound that incapacitated but didn't kill the drunk but suicidal axman veteran (this is literally part of his backstory and battle effects), the company slaughtered their foes and took the head of the enemy back to the local village for a reward.

In the next few hours, the company lost its miner (literally the opening enemy salvo took half of his face off), fought zombie warriors over a preserved hand, and recruited more class conscious peasants to the cause.  This game is punishingly hard and I hope that we survive.  Tune in for the next report!