Friday, January 31, 2014

The Best Non-Silly Anime

After getting back into anime again after a few years of miner dabbling, I have come to the conclusion that a super majority of series are just too silly to watch.  Sure they will probably have some amazing parts with great stories and music, but then interject stupid filler or cartoonish actions that break the laws of physics and make characters look ridiculous.  This silliness factor is a huge turnoff to me and as a result I will suggest a few of my favorite series that dont have any of that bs.

  • Basilisk
  • Beserk
  • Claymore
  • Last Exile
  • Record of Lodoss War (OAVs)
  • Attack on Titan

Now maybe I am missing a few because well there are a ridiculous amount of series.  But unlike anime movies, where are are quite a few series movies (such as Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Princess Mononoke, etc.), there doesn't seem to be many out there.  An added caveat is that I dont like mechs.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dune Continues to PWN

from tumblr
Its interesting that as I get older, I seem to appreciate science fiction more than I did even in the last 10 years.  Furthermore, I think its possible that our current reality is heading for a dystopian future and thus other science fiction realities seem more preferable.

Dune at least has a potential for serious fight back and resistance and children of dune has confronted the reality of our own zealousness.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The US has a very interesting history if you know where to look

Every time I think that the country is a drab conformist selfish mess, I am often reminded about interesting stories in the past.  This becomes particularly true when you are explaining history to someone who is not from the US.  I was doing just such a thing to a Chilean, when I was reminded about John Brown and Bleeding Kansas.  So in Commemoration!

The melody also became the inspiration to joe hill's momentous song.  (joe hill being an extremely interesting character of his own.)

There is just such a rich history of individuals of brilliance and conviction.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Flat Tire in SF

Apparently fixing a flat requires the right tools (particularly a cross wrench).  When using a normal wrench, it becomes a depressing exercise in futility.  After a walk that took over an hour, we were back in action with one that actually could do the job and changed the tire in about 15 minutes.

I know this sounds boring, but I can understand now why you always see gangs and characters in movies fighting with tire wrenches.  The things arent useful for much else.