Monday, February 17, 2014

Best Metal Songs: My Epic Playlist

To play it on youtube: Ian Chinich: Best Metal Song Playlist

So I finally created a metal playlist to rival other metal playlists.  This is still a work in progress but enjoy what I have so far.  I am trying to only play one song for each band to add variety and for a slight challenge.  If you disagree or think Im missing something, leave a comment and I may add it.

  1. 2

    Wintersun - Starchild

    by coolrank121 1,162,415 views
    Listen to your own musicbeat'
  2. 3

    In Flames - Moonshield

    by xPlodSharK 30,329 views
    Tired of dull ages, I walk the same ground,
    Collecting the tragedies stil…
  3. 4

    Tyr-Hail To The Hammer official video

    by megirockchan222 42,549 views
    Tyr-Hail To The Hammer official video viking doom metal
  4. 5


    by Nuclear Blast Records  15,066,497 views
    Eluveitie "Inis Mona" official music video.
    Order at:…
  5. 6

    The Sword - To Take the Black [ Gods Of The Earth ]

    by TheSwordDiscografia 10,540 views
    Cast out from the lands of their births
    Banished from hearth and hom…
  6. 7

    DOPETHRONE - Dark Foil

    by FoxFuckerFull 3,317 views
    Stoner Doom From Montreal,QUEBEC
  7. 8

    Pallbearer - Foreigner

    by 666MrDoom 113,356 views
    ''Sorrow And Extinction'' 2012 Doom Metal from USA…
  8. 10

    Irminsul - Midvinterblot

    by Vinterskald 3,357 views
    Artist: Irminsul
    Country: Sweden…
  9. 11

    KAMELOT - Forever

    by ProgPowerSoul 83,395 views
    Taken from the dvd "One Cold Winter´s Night"
    Kamelot live in Oslo playing "Forever"…
  10. 12

    Symphony X - Rediscovery (Segue) + Rediscovery (Part II): The New Mythology Suite HD

    by PowerChorder999 53,232 views
    Artist: Symphony X.
    Album: V-The New Mythology Suite.…
  11. 13

    Helloween - Warrior

    by PhantonW3 288,872 views
    This is the Helloween's old but still cool song Warrior from their first album :)…
  12. 14

    Iron Maiden- Phantom Of The Opera

    by zerototalchaos 1,077,083 views
    pls visit my channel for more maiden song…
  13. 15

    Blind Guardian Lost In The Twilight Hall Remastered Mp3

    by Gaz Baird 135,506 views
    Blind Guardian Lost In The Twilight Hall Remastered Mp3...(Request For Other Songs Would Be Appreciated)
  14. 16

    Gamma Ray - Heart of the Unicorn (Live)

    by xDrWeilx 721 views
    From Skeletons in the Closet (2003)
  15. 17

    Metal Church - Metal Church

    by HammerFallman 559,883 views
    Artist Info:…
  16. 18

    Accept - - - Can't Stand The Night

    by MetaIcrus 161,280 views
    Fallin' tears, a broken heart
    Here I sit as time goes by…
  17. 19

    Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf (1971)

    by Ray St John 26,725 views
    Master of Reality is the third album by the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath, released in July 1971. It is noted as laying the foundations of doom, stoner, and sludge metal. Master of Reality was certified double platinum after having sold over 2 million copies…
  18. 21

    Judas Priest - Painkiller

    by JudasPriestVEVO  10,266,307 views
    Special 30th anniversary edition of Screaming for Vengeance. Exclusive DVD and bonus tracks
  19. 22


    by smola102 3,901,945 views
    ARCH ENEMY - We Will Rise [lyric/tekst]…
  20. 23

    Children of Bodom - Everytime i Die [HD]

    by Caillousie 15,041 views
    Mein 3. Video (gute Quali)(HD)
  21. 24

    Dalriada - Leszek A Hold + Outro(feat Jonne Järvelä)

    by Kevin Schemiguel 50,766 views
    From their last album, Ígéret.
  22. 25

    RED FANG - "Prehistoric Dog" (Official Music Video)

    by RelapseRecords 900,977 views
    RED FANG - "Prehistoric Dog" taken from the album 'Red Fang '
  23. 26

    Sleep - Dragonaut Music Video [HQ]

    by Matze Lvithn 183,254 views
    Official music video for Sleep's song Dragonaut, from the album Sleep's Holy Mountain. Audio and video are property of Earache Records.
    I uploaded this because the other versions here on Youtube had a pretty poor quality. I got it from the 2009 reissue CD. …
  24. 27

    Alice In Chains - Rooster - Live

    by BLSzepCFH 24,564 views
    from the live cd
  25. 28

    Subway to Sally - Böses Erwachen

    by IchitaSama 1,767 views
    die Bilder sind DENKE ich alle von Victoria Francés
    ich kenn mich da nicht wirklich aus (die Bilder mag ich trotzdem)…
  26. 29

    FINNTROLL - Trollhammaren (HIGH QUALITY)

    by Century Media Records  920,093 views
    FINNTROLL - Trollhammaren (HD Quality). Taken from the album "Nattfödd". Century Media 2004.
  27. 31

    18 - Ayreon - The Human Equation - Realization

    by RushDevil 34,529 views
    Playlist of the entire album here :…
  28. 32

    Scar Symmetry - Mind Machine

    by RisenOrder1224 26,143 views
    Song: Mind Machine
    Artist: Scar Symmetry…