Thursday, May 14, 2015

Current Observations About This Place Called Providence

Having been here two weeks I have noticed a few things about my current abode:

  • Almost everything is cheaper here than most other places I have been in the US.  I like this, particularly the price of rent.
  • I am located in a very walkable part of town, right near their "little Italy".  Yet having a car has still proven useful because some of the nearest department stores are in Massachusetts..... but still only 20 minutes away.....
  • As for Italian food, had the best eggplant parmasan I ever had in my whole life at this place called Meditearraneo.  Amazing!  just Amazing!  
  • Unfortunately despite hearing and reading otherwise, there is no good pizza in Providence.  I went to locations listed as The Best and it wasn't.
This is called a "pizza strip"  it is definitely a strip, but it is  I still haven't tried it yet because look at it... I mean look at it.

  • Another weird food that is quite common here is coffee milk...or rather coffee flavored milk.  Its not bad.  *Thumbs up!*

  • As for the people I have met here so far, total sweethearts!  To make hangouts more fun, I bought a bunch of board games and a soccer ball (because we are going to play some games).  My friend Javier also wants to watch the under-20 world cup and the latin american cup... so plenty of soccer and beer to go around.
All in all a pretty good report, I have a job starting in a week so will have a bit less free time, but its only part time..