Sunday, June 14, 2015

Jamming to Black Sabbath is the New Norm

I spent the majority of last night from around 11:30pm - 4am jamming with my coworker Anthony and his friend in a music studio in downtown Providence. On the way there we were carrying instruments and passed through a huge crowd of people at a waterfire event and look and acted like we were musicians going to play a set hehe.

In the studio, the majority of the session was doom metal, mixed with some iron maiden and classic rock.  We played a whole lot of Sabbath and I used the wah pedal to some good effect for "Electric Funeral" and "War Pigs", then snuck some of Sleep's "Dopesmoker" in and started a weird trippy metal rendition of Sublime's "April 26, 1992".  Considering that I have also seen two dead bats in my apartment in the last 2 week, Rhode Island has definitely passed the metal threshold for me!

On the down side I definitely forgot how to play a bunch of the Rage Against the Machine songs I knew, but could probably relearn them given some time.

It is hard to explain how cathartic it was to play drums and guitar again with people after a more than 2 year hiatus.  We kept leaving for breaks to an empty downtown and coming back totally stoked to try something different.  I could definitely get used to this being a regular thing... and could always be looking for more jam partners :D