Saturday, May 30, 2015

Job Hats, New Tats, and Murdered Bats: an update of life's silliness.

Hello faithful readers, all 3 or 4 of you, there are some life updates to report.  First of all I now have a new retail job which is technically part time but I have been working 38 hours a week.  Most of my day involves dealing with customers and shoving metal polls up chicken rectums (not a favorite thing to do if you are vegetarian).  Now you may be saying to yourself, "why jump back into retail?"   Well, its for the great salary, scheduling, and benefits of course!  That being said, it is nice to have every Sunday shift be considered overtime and to be working with one of my housemates.  Oh yeah and they gave me a black hat with a corporate logo on it.

Having an income has also given me the opportunity to plot out my third tattoo... and how fortunate I am that someone I know in Providence is a political comic book artist and fantasy nerd.  Here is his tumblr of sketches and less finished products:

  In exchange for a ride to Boston I will get a design and will be posting the final picture when I actually get the tattoo.  Excited :)

The last new thing to report is that the cats have murdered a second bat in 2 weeks.  I dont know where they are finding these things.  Is there a bat cave secretly in my apartment or on the ledge outside of our windows that I dont know about?  I am a bit scared that they may get rabies from this but they passed the initial period where symptoms show so I suppose as long as they dont keep up their murder streak, we should all be ok.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Current Observations About This Place Called Providence

Having been here two weeks I have noticed a few things about my current abode:

  • Almost everything is cheaper here than most other places I have been in the US.  I like this, particularly the price of rent.
  • I am located in a very walkable part of town, right near their "little Italy".  Yet having a car has still proven useful because some of the nearest department stores are in Massachusetts..... but still only 20 minutes away.....
  • As for Italian food, had the best eggplant parmasan I ever had in my whole life at this place called Meditearraneo.  Amazing!  just Amazing!  
  • Unfortunately despite hearing and reading otherwise, there is no good pizza in Providence.  I went to locations listed as The Best and it wasn't.
This is called a "pizza strip"  it is definitely a strip, but it is  I still haven't tried it yet because look at it... I mean look at it.

  • Another weird food that is quite common here is coffee milk...or rather coffee flavored milk.  Its not bad.  *Thumbs up!*

  • As for the people I have met here so far, total sweethearts!  To make hangouts more fun, I bought a bunch of board games and a soccer ball (because we are going to play some games).  My friend Javier also wants to watch the under-20 world cup and the latin american cup... so plenty of soccer and beer to go around.
All in all a pretty good report, I have a job starting in a week so will have a bit less free time, but its only part time..