Thursday, April 23, 2015

One More Week in NJ

Since I am heading out of New Jersey back to New England again i thought I would take a look back on all of the stuff that happened and things I accomplished in the year I have been living in New Jersey:

  • Lost my partner/best friend and my father within a month period.  Did my best to be strong for family and my dad's friends.
  • Reconnected with many amazing NJ/NYC/DC friends and comrades.
  • Paid off all my student loans!
  • Bought a car
  • Spent quality time with family including my brother and his amazing partner.
  • worked at a warehouse here for over a year and really learned a lot.
  • Really upped my game in soccer and scored goals playing against former professional players from Colombia.
  • Substantially improved my Spanish and Mexican slang.
  • Read a ton of books... both political and fiction. 
  • Did a ton of writing and thinking and believe that I have a much better conception of my politics.  Gave a talk on this at a bookfair in Scranton and was very happy with the results
  • witnessed some badass black lives matters demos.
  • Saw a bunch of sick shows with bands such as Electric Wizard and Pallbearer.
  • Greatly improved my mental and physical health from where I was a year ago.
  • Ate soooo many pupusas and pizzas.

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