Monday, December 2, 2013

Ian Chinich on social media or how I learned to stop worrying and love Los Angeles

I have come to a strange crossroads, where I am in a city that feels much more connected to working class culture and communities than any other place I have lived.  In spite of this, I am still so new to the place that I have yet to accumulate a strong group of friends 

So instead of diving right in and making friends I have been relying on virtual friend networks that I have already made.

Having multiple social networking sites is weird because the platforms are all different.  For example, Ian Chinich on Facebook is a site used to largely read news and see peoples pictures of cats.  It seems to have developed its own logarithm which has only created a small bubble of people who post similar content to me.  When looking at Ian Chinich on Google Plus, i just dont have the urge to actually use it for networking.  I mostly just occasionally see what people are posting that is different from what I already have.  Lastly, there is the rather dull Ian Chinich and dwarves in the myspace realm, which, lacks the news of Facebook and rather than cats, I have found thrills in posting epic fantasy stuff on it.  Probably the only redeeming one is good reads as it seems to have an actual purpose that is cumulative and functional.

All of this leaves me feeling that I am just not happy with social networking as I used to be.  In contrast, my friend Ali gave me A People's Guide to Los Angeles, which is going to be my exploration guide for the next few months (or shorter if he makes me return it.)  In addition, LA has cumbia dance events, music, a ridiculous amount of theaters, and much better food than Boston.  My partner Romina is also going to be done with her school quarter soon, so I hope to become much more acquainted with the city than I have been previously.

Lastly my folks are coming around Christmas time so if anyone wants to meet them/hear Romina's mother sing some old Chilean songs, go to Casa Ian and Romina or hit me up.

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