Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Being an Anarchist During Election Season is Like Being a Jew on Christmas

Since I am both of those things, I figured I would express the snark that I couldn't over facebook and other social media.  It is sometimes best to choose ones' battles and to develop peoples politics through experience with the system and success of collective action.  Rubbing such things in peoples faces, while possibly cathartic after some peoples' religious experiences with Sanders, is not an ideal tactical decision.

I cant decide if the feeling of being powerless for song long as given a longing for a quick easy solution, one which has no basis in actual reality or historical fact.  Messianic religious tradition came from the same roots and offer similar rewards for not actually collectively altering the material reality.  Arguments against electoralism without competing results is worthless and can seem insulting for those who have no experience with the far left.

As a result, I am putting increasing emphasis on building popular power through actual activity.  We are discussing setting up a food pantry as a serve the people project for a working class community.  While in tune with our politics, this discussion actually emanated from multiple experiences with homeless people approaching us and asking for money for food....only for us to say "we actually have a lot of food left over from food not bombs" and giving them a whole packet of stuff.  If, this can be replicated on an organizational level, it will pay enormous dividends and actually help alleviate some of the worst conditions of the capitalist system.