Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My mother is one tough cookie

I dont know if my mom is reading this but I just wanted to express relief that after my dad's passing, she was so vigilant on mamograms, because it saved her life.  By having early detection, she was able to discover breast cancer early, get the tumor removed, and get started on radiation.

She did all of this with record speed and without falling apart, getting chromosomal tests, testing her lymph nodes, and spending several days at different doctors offices.  The same mother who is afraid to pull off a band-aid, look at a needle, and who gets shivers even thinking of a tattoo was willing to get a double mastectomy if she had to.  It is hard to express the feeling of loss with one parent and I feel very fortunate that my mom will stay with us.  <3 <3

So I thought to celebrate I would share a picture of my mom from 1969.  Shes the one on the right.

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